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The Port component

The library provides a Port class to ease port manipulation.

Properties and Methods

This URI component object only exposes the package common API.



use League\Uri\Components\Port;

$port = new Port(443);
$port->isNull();  //return false
$port->isEmpty(); //return false
$port->getContent();                       //return (int) 443
$port->getContent(Port::RFC3986_ENCODING); //return (int) 443
$port->getContent(Port::RFC3987_ENCODING); //return (int) 443
$port->getContent(Port::NO_ENCODING);      //return (int) 443
echo $port;                    //display '443'
echo $port->getUriComponent(); //display ':443'

$new_port = $port->withContent(null);
$new_port->isNull();  //return true
$new_port->isEmpty(); //return true
$new_port->getContent();           //return null
echo $new_port;                    //display ''
echo $new_port->getUriComponent(); //display ''

The delimiter : is not part of the component value and must not be added.

If the submitted value is not valid a League\Uri\Components\Exception exception is thrown.