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This package contains features and capabilities to ease manipulating URIs.

It allows simple URI manipulation via the context aware wrapper BaseUri. But also expose a complete API around URI creation using the UriTemplate and the URI class which represents a generic RFC3986 compliant URI object.

For interoperability, we also provide PSR-7 and PSR-17 compliant implementation around URI access and creation.

System Requirements

You need PHP >= 8.1 but the latest stable version of PHP is recommended.

Handling of an IDN host requires the presence of the intl extension or a polyfill for the intl IDN functions like the symfony/polyfill-intl-idn otherwise an exception will be thrown when attempting to validate or interact with such a host.

IPv4 conversion requires at least one of the following:

otherwise an exception will be thrown when attempting to convert a host as an IPv4 address.

In order to create Data URI from the content of a file you are required to also install the fileinfo extension otherwise an exception will be thrown.


$ composer require league/uri:^7.0