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While working with URI, you may stumble on some tasks, such as parsing its query string or updating its host, that are not covered by the URI package. Thankfully, the URI component package allows you to easily parse, create, manipulate URI components as well as partially update URIs. By using the package, your application can safely perform tasks around your URIs and provide a better user experience to your developers.

use League\Uri\Components\Query;
use League\Uri\Modifier;

$newUri = Modifier::from('http://example.com?q=value#fragment')
echo $newUri; // 'http://example.com?q=value&q=new.Value#fragment';

$query = Query::fromUri($newUri);
$query->get('q');       // returns 'value'
$query->getAll('q');    // returns ['value', 'new.Value']
$query->parameter('q'); // returns 'new.Value'

The package provides easy to use classes to partially modify a URI and at the same time a complete set of class and tools to specifically interact with each component of a RFC3986 URI.

System Requirements

You need PHP >= 8.1.0 but the latest stable version of PHP is recommended

Handling of an IDN host requires the presence of the intl extension or a polyfill for the intl IDN functions like the symfony/polyfill-intl-idn otherwise an exception will be thrown when attempting to validate or interact with such a host.

IPv4 conversion requires at least one of the following:

otherwise an exception will be thrown when attempting to convert a host as an IPv4 address.

In order to create Data URI from the content of a file you are required to also install the fileinfo extension otherwise an exception will be thrown.


$ composer require league/uri-components:^7.0