Upgrading from 2.x to 7.x

league\uri-components 7.0 is a new major version that comes with backward compatibility breaks.

This guide will help you migrate from a 2.x version to 7.0. It will only explain backward compatibility breaks, it will not present the new features (read the documentation for that).


If you are using composer then you should update the require section of your composer.json file.

composer require league/uri-components:^7.0

This will edit (or create) your composer.json file.

PHP version requirement

league\uri-components 7.0 requires a PHP version greater or equal than 8.1.0 (was previously 7.2.0).


The new version requires League\Uri v7.0 to work. Previously only the league/uri-interfaces package was required.

Deprecated classes

The League\Uri\UriModifer class is deprecated in favor of the League\Uri\Modifier class:



use League\Uri\Uri;
use League\Uri\UriModifier;

$uri = Uri::createFromString('http://example.com?q=value#fragment');
$newUri = UriModifier::appendQuery($uri, 'q=new.Value');
echo $newUri::class; // return League\Uri\Uri
echo $newUri; // 'http://example.com?q=value&q=new.Value#fragment'



use League\Uri\Uri;
use League\Uri\Modifier;

$newUri = Modifier::from('http://example.com?q=value#fragment')->appendQuery('q=new.Value');
echo $newUri::class; // return League\Uri\Modifier
echo $newUri;                 // 'http://example.com?q=value&q=new.Value#fragment'
echo $newUri->getUriString(); // 'http://example.com?q=value&q=new.Value#fragment'
$newUri->getUri()::class // return League\Uri\Uri

the League\Uri\IPv4Normalizer class is deprecated, you need to use the League\Uri\Ipv4\Converter class instead



use League\Uri\IPv4Normalizer;
use League\Uri\Components\Host;

$host = new Host('0');
$normalizer = new IPv4Normalizer();
$normalizedHost = $normalizer->normalizeHost($host);
echo $host;           // returns 0 
echo $normalizedHost; // returns ($normalizeHost is a Host object)



use League\Uri\IPv4\Converter;
use League\Uri\Components\Host;

$host = new Host('0');
$normalizedHost = Converter::fromEnvironment()($host);
echo Host::new($normalizedHost); // returns 

Deprecated methods

The following methods are marked as deprecated. They are still present to allow an easier upgrade path to version 7.0, but it is recommended not to use them for new projects.

Deprecated methods New stable methods
Authority::createFromString Authority::new
Authority::createFromUri Authority::new
Authority::createFromNull Authority::new
Authority::createFromServer Authority::fromServer
Authority::createFromComponents Authority::fromComponents
DataPath::createFromString DataPath::new
DataPath::createFromUri DataPath::fromUri
DataPath::createFromFilePath DataPath::fromFileContents
Domain::createFromHost Domain::new
Domain::createFromString Domain::new
Domain::createFromLabels Domain::fromLabels
Domain::createFromUri Domain::fromUri
Domain::createFromAuthority Domain::fromAuthority
Fragment::createFromString Fragment::new
Fragment::createFromUri Fragment::fromUri
Scheme::createFromString Scheme::new
Scheme::createFromUri Scheme::fromUri
Path::createFromString Path::new
Path::createFromUri Path::fromUri
Port::fromInt Port::new
Port::createFromUri Port::fromUri
Port::createFromAuthority Port::fromAuthority
Host::createFromString Host::new
Host::createFromUri Host::new
Host::createFromNull Host::new
Host::createFromIp Host::fromIp
HierarchicalPath::createFromString HierarchicalPath::new
HierarchicalPath::createFromUri HierarchicalPath::new
HierarchicalPath::createFromPath HierarchicalPath::new
HierarchicalPath::createRelativeFromSegments HierarchicalPath::fromRelative
HierarchicalPath::createAbsoluteFromSegments HierarchicalPath::fromAbsolute
Query::createFromParams Query::fromParameters
Query::createFromPairs Query::fromPirs
Query::createFromUri Query::new
Query::createFromRFC3986 Query::fromRFC3986
Query::createFromRFC1738 Query::fromRFC1738
Query::params Query::parameter
Query::params Query::parameters
Query::withoutParams Query::withoutParameters
Query::toRFC3986 Query::value

For the Domain, the createFromLabels named constructor is being replaced by fromLabels. The signature is also updated from iterable to string as variadic to allow easier validation of input.

- Domain::createFromLabels(['who', 'are', 'you'])->value(); //returns 'you.are.who'
+ Domain::fromLabels('who', 'are', 'you')->value(); //returns 'you.are.who'

For the HierarchicalPath, the createAbsoluteFromSegments and createRelativeFromSegments named constructors are being replaced by fromRelative and fromAbsolute. The signature is also updated from iterable to string as variadic to allow easier validation of input.

- HierarchicalPath::createAbsoluteFromSegments(['who', 'are', 'you'])->value(); //returns '/who/are/you'
+ HierarchicalPath::fromAbsolute('who', 'are', 'you')->value(); //returns '/who/are/you'
- HierarchicalPath::createRelativeFromSegments(['who', 'are', 'you'])->value(); //returns 'who/are/you'
+ HierarchicalPath::fromRelative('who', 'are', 'you')->value(); //returns 'who/are/you'

For Query::createFromRFC1738 and Query::createFromRFC3986 are replaced by Query::fromRFC1738 and Query::fromRFC3986 with a change in signature. If the query string is not explicitly set it is considered to be the null value before it was falling back on the empty string.

- Query::createFromRFC1738()->value(); //returns ''
+ Query::fromRFC1738()->value();       //returns null
+ Query::fromRFC1738('')->value();     //returns ''

All remaining named constructors which starts with createFrom* are replaced by the same method starting with from*.

- Port::createFromUri(Uri::createFromString('https://example.com:82'))->value(); //returns '82'
+ Port::fromUri('https://example.com:82')->value();  //returns '82'


UserInfo modifier method removed

The UserInfo::withUserInfo modifier method is removed and can be replaced by combining the two new modifier methods introduced UserInfo::withUser and/or UserInfo::withUPass.

- (new UserInfo('user', 'pass'))->withUserInfo('user', 'newPass')->value(); // returns 'user:newPass'
+ (new UserInfo('user', 'pass'))->withPass('newPass')->value(); // returns 'user:newPass'

withContent and getContent methods

The two methods were already deprecated in version 2. And they are now removed in version 7. Of note, it means that the Scheme and Fragment objects no longer contain methods to change their value once instantiated.

- Fragmnt::createFromString('header1')->withContent('header2')->getUriComponent(); // returns '#header2'
+ Fragment::new('header1')->getUriComponent(); // returns '#header1'
+ Fragment::new('header2')->getUriComponent(); // returns '#header2'

To modify such component you are now required to create a new instance.

other notable changes