Please consider using the the latest stable version for any production code.

Uri Components

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This package contains classes to help parsing and modifying URI components.

use League\Uri\Components\Query;
use League\Uri\Uri;
use League\Uri\UriModifier;

$uri = Uri::createFromString('');
$newUri = UriModifier::appendQuery($uri, 'q=new.Value');
echo $newUri; // '';

$query = Query::createFromUri($newUri);
$newQuery->get('q');    // returns 'value'
$newQuery->getAll('q'); // returns ['value', 'new.Value']
$newQuery->params('q'); // returns 'new.Value'

System Requirements

You need PHP >= 7.2 but the latest stable version of PHP is recommended

If you want to handle:

Trying to process such hosts without meeting those minimal requirements will trigger a RuntimeException.


$ composer require league/uri-components


What you will be able to do