IPv4 Normalizer

The League\Uri\IPv4Normalizer is a userland PHP IPv4 Host Normalizer.


use League\Uri\IPv4Normalizer;
use League\Uri\Components\Host;

$host = new Host('0');
$normalizer = new IPv4Normalizer();
$normalizedHost = $normalizer->normalizeHost($host);
echo $host; // returns 0
echo $normalizedHost; // returns


The normalization algorithms uses the WHATWG rules to parse and format IPv4 multiple string representations into a valid IPv4 decimal representation.



use League\Uri\Contracts\AuthorityInterface;
use League\Uri\Contracts\HostInterface;
use League\Uri\Contracts\UriInterface;
use League\Uri\IPv4Normalizer;
use League\Uri\IPv4Calculators\IPv4Calculator;
use \Psr\Http\Message\UriInterface as Psr7UriInterface;

public function IPv4Normalizer::__construct(IPv4Calculator $calculator = null);
public function IPv4Normalizer::normalizeUri(UriInterface|Psr7UriInterface $uri): UriInterface|Psr7UriInterface ;
public function IPv4Normalizer::normalizeAuthority(AuthorityInterface $host): AuthorityInterface;
public function IPv4Normalizer::normalizeHost(HostInterface $host): HostInterface;

The IPv4Normalizer::normalize* methods single parameters are object that contains or is a host component.

The League\Uri\IPv4Calculators\IPv4Calculator is responsible for making all the calculation needed to perform the conversion between IPv4 string representation. The package comes bundle with two implementation:

If not League\Uri\IPv4Calculators\IPv4Calculator implementing object is provided the class will try to load one of it’s these implementations. If it can not a League\Uri\Exceptions\Ipv4CalculatorMissing exception will be thrown.

The methods always returns a instance of the same type as the submitted one with the host changed if the normalization is applicable or unchanged otherwise.


use League\Uri\Components\Authority;
use League\Uri\IPv4Calculators\NativeCalculator;
use League\Uri\IPv4Normalizer;

$authority = new Authority('hello:world@0300.0250.0000.0001:442');
$normalizer = new IPv4Normalizer(new NativeCalculator());
$normalizedAuthority = $normalizer->normalizeAuthority($authority);

echo $authority->getHost(); // returns '0300.0250.0000.0001'
echo $normalizedAuthority->getHost(); // returns ''